Friday, 7 August 2015

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Wear the traditional Eureka Flag t-shirts with pride. Also featured is a Southern Cross design and the printing is done in Sydney, Australia. A symbol of Australian history and Unity in Defiance, search our store for other products featuring the Eureka Flag print.

Eureka Flag T-shirt On Sale For Limited Time

That’s right, traditional Eureka Flag t-shirt is back for a limited time only over on Corka's website. 

If you’ve got the original white and black t-shirts you clearly need a military brown one. If you didn’t get them before they were gone, this is your chance to add to your collection.

Buy it now. Thank me later. Leave me and my marmoset to stroll in peace.

Eureka Flag T-shirt - Black

Eureka Flag T-shirt - Military Green
Eureka Flag T-shirt - White

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