Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Flaunt Your Muscles With Speedo
Corka Purple
Men have also adopted the trend of swim wear in no time and many trending, branded swim suits are now available for men in terms of patterns and styles and looks like they also have moved step ahead in designing stuff for men. However Fabric is seen to be prior preference due to its quality. As per the design, the companies are trying to give their best by providing a swim suit which exposes men’s muscular body. Many trending patterns are now available in market so choice is yours to choose a best Speedo among those and one has to consider their choice based on their body type and taste.

Earlier Men’s swimwear used to be heavy and bulky when wet. The synthetic material and many other materials are providing comfortable clothing which is lighter and easier when it comes to drying. There are vivid types, colours and designs. Few among the available Men’s Speedo are boxer style, Jammers, water polo, swim briefs, swim trunks, technical and the list goes on and all this are available in different colours and different patterns. Technology swimwear includes highly advanced materials for competitive purpose

Boxer style is basically worn for diving, Jammers are worn by athletes and they resemble compression or cycling short, Water polo is for water sports, Swim briefs are made of wool with a military style belt at waist and nylon without belt. They include white lining in the inside front which is made up of fabric. Swim trunks are longer than boxers but shorter than board shorts. They are the choice of older age and young today.
When it comes to selection among variety of swim wear, it’s quite confusing thus one has to consider few things when they are planning to buy a swim suit that suits them. Know your needs, body structure and weather conditions as summer wear may vary when compared to winter as swim suits which cover most of the portions are preferred due to sun tan. Preferring Triathlon will protect your skin from getting tanned as it covers more portion of body.

Australian Speedo brand has set its trend across the world for providing the swim wears which are worn during diving and during sports like water skiing, scuba diving, wake boarding for competition. V-shape front and solid back is the remarkable feature that is being provided for customer’s comfort. Wearing Speedo below lower waist is suggested and the materials include spandex, nylon, polyester and many more. 1.5 to 3 inch is the common racing suit measurement. Nylon is preferred for training and practice where as Lycra should be used for actual racing. Special swimwear with less skin drag and friction is also available for competitions.

However Speedo can be loose fitted or skin tight as per swimmers need, based on weather conditions, swimmer’s selection has to be made among many varieties. Going to beach in summer is a refreshing thought, select your Corka mens swimwear accordingly and get ready for your trip.