Sunday, 28 June 2015

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Corka Swimwear Clearance Sales - June 2015June clearance almost over. Grab a bargain while you can.The June/July Mid Year Sale is one of the most important retail periods of the year.

Aqua Turf Sports Jock - $35.95 $29.95 :- Designed specifically to wear underneath white football shorts and white board shorts.

Corka Towel - $43.95 $39.95 :- A luxurious, soft cotton towel – a wonderful way to relax after an invigorating or competitive swim.

Corka Black - $35.95 $22.00 :- Classic Australian swimwear for men. Now Corka gives you a cossie that's just a bit more Aussie than the rest!  The black swimsuit features our great Aussie logo, which comes in two colours: blue and green.

Zeffa Muscle Tank - $35.95 $26.95 :- The Zeffa shirt by Corka our coolest shirt on offer! Sleeveless, with open arms; its the best way to catch a summer breeze.

Corka Classic T-Shirt (grey) $32.95 $24.95 :- The grey Corka Classic t-shirt is 100% guaranteed to make you look so bloody quiche.

Corka Purple $35.95 $22.00 :- Purple is the hottest colour. The green logo adds a modern twist to a classic 80's colour. We are sure that you'll feel incredible, knowing that you're bringing Aussie back in a bold purple Corka.

Eureka Flag T-shirt $32.95 $21.95 :- Great patriotic t-shirt. The Eureka Flag dates back to 1854 and is the oldest patriotic Australian flag still in use.

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