Thursday, 4 December 2014

Corka Swimmers
Mens Swimwear at Corka Shop
Gold Coast, Queensland.  Australia

Laura and Ryan enjoy a stroll at Surfer's Paradise Beach. Situated on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, it's an ideal location for people across the country to get away and enjoy a bit of down time.  The Gold Coast is famous for it's skyscraper skyline, white sand and of course its great waves.

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The Gold Coast of Queensland is home to the an annual event known as 'schoolies.'  Hordes of teens from around the country converge on the sunny strip late in the year to celebrate their school graduations. Notorious for their, let's say, rowdy behaviour it may not be a great time take the kids for a holiday.

For rest of the year, it's loved as a sunny piece of Australia, with a pretty good night life for the singles crowd. While you're there, of course, we've gotta say get your Corka on. What better place to get your iconic Aussie togs on, than at the iconic Gold Coast.

You can't beat the feeling

The male swimming brief, is an iconic Australian design that has persisted for decades. Once you stream through the water in a pair, you'll have no doubt about why.  Like the wind in your hair, or the sand round your toes, enjoy the ocean with the freedom that only briefs can give.

Men's swimwear has seen many changes over the years, but the brief is a classic cut which keeps coming back. Like all classic pieces of fashion they endure because they sit in just the right places, following natural contours of the body. The mens swimwear brief sits on the hip, and has no fabric on the leg; a design that allows for complete freedom of movement. So next time you do the Gold Coast do it in Corka style!

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