Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bodysurfing, a great Australian pass time. Or as we Aussies like to call it; body bashing. You can't beat the feeling of an Australian wave lifting you up, and sucking you into the raw energy and lurching you forward as you slide down the face of a wave.

To catch a wave, start swimming fast when the crest is just behind you. It helps to have a pair of fins to increase your speed, and keep you on top of the wave. Use your hands and body to manoeuvre across the wave. Some people use a hand plane to improve their ride, though you can still have a great ride without one.

Of course you'll need a pair of iconic Aussie togs. This is not a sport for board shorts, which are only going to drag you back. You can't beat the feeling of flying down a wave with the only thing between and the wave is a brief pair of swimmers. It's the next best thing to wearing nothing at all!

Caves Beach in Swansea, NSW is a great spot for body surfing. Narrabeen Beach in Sydney is also popular. We've heard City Beach in Perth is great.

Know any good bodysurfing spots in your state? Leave them in our comment section.

Try bodysurfing in a  Corka, you'll never feel more Aussie!


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