Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Expedia Flip Flop Report 2013
Expedia Flip Flop Report
Expedia Flip Flop Report 2013

(Aussies would say 'thong report')

72% of all Aussies say speedos are great for beach wear

The annual Expedia Flip Flop Report has this year has found Aussies have given the thumbs up to speedo wearing, with a huge majority saying 'no worries' to the iconic Australian cossie.

The result puts Australia amongst the top five nations in the world for speedo acceptance. Perhaps it's not such a surprise, as we gave the little swimming costume to the world.

It's good to know Aussies haven't ditched this little part of our beach culture. In spite of recent Hollywood lambastings and media hype; Aussies are standing by this iconic symbol of Australian beaches.

Other interesting facts from the  Expedia Flip Flop Report 2013

  • 24% of Aussie women say they have gone topless to the beach.
  • 45% of Aussies admit to being scared of shark attacks, but swim anyway!


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