Saturday, 18 May 2013

Really...You want cheap swimwear?

Cheap Swimwear?  Nope

Cheap swimwear is usually cheap for a reason. Cheap fabrics fade, stretch and become thin after a really short time. Saggy, loose see-through swimwear....Ask yourself again, Do you really want cheap swimwear.

At Corka, we have a great range of swimwear, affordable, but not cheap. When you're wearing so little, shouldn't it be good quality? Maybe you could buy cheap undies or cheap socks, but cheap swimmers....nah

Corka swimwear is made in Sydney, Australia, with quality fabric. Manufacturing locally allow us to maintain full quality control, and keep a few local ladies in the rag trade.

Grab a pair of mens swimwear at
It's not cheap but who wants cheap anyway.

You can't beat the feeling of streaming through the water in a pair of Corka cossies. We reckon you'll feel ten times better knowing your swimmers aren't going to be see through after a few wears.

We ship worldwide, at affordable prices. You can wear a little piece of Australia, not matter where in the world you are. And of course, the exchange rate is in your favour too!


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