Thursday, 15 November 2012

Re-creation of Bondi Beach in London to promote Australia |

Bondi in London

Here's an article from The Telegraph in Sydney, about the re-creation of Bondi in the London.

There are several comments from readers. Here's just one example: now brits see how ridiculous Australia is!

Well, Mr Farris of Penshurst, all we can say is screw you! Another sad victim of the culture cringe. You won't find any of that attitude on this blog!

When will Mr Farris embrace his own culture?  In fact, it's images like the above, that make it impossible to keep the bloody pommies away from this place.

Sunburnt Pom

Mr Farris; this is what we find ridiculous. Another bloody sunburnt pom straight from Bondi Beach.

The speedo is the cossie that Aussies gave to the world, and worn by generations of True Blue Blokes! A true Australian icon.


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