Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Puberty Blues, 1981
Scene from original Puberty Blues, 1981
If you've been watching the TV series, Puberty Blues, you've been shocked at how well they've recreated the 70's. The houses, furnishings, panel vans, milk bars even the signage at the drive-in was faithfully depicted.

Everyone's having flash backs  OH, WE HAD ONE OF THOSE!!

However, have you noticed that they seem to have air-brushed from history the iconic Australian speedo? It was very popular in the 70's and widely worn. Back then, Aussies were proud of their own cossie! But try finding one on Puberty Blues. The writers haven't held back in just about every area of life, but for some unexplained reason, the iconic Aussie cossie has been overlooked.  The photo above is a scene from the original Puberty Blues, featuring Shaun Smith in his Aussie togs.

1970's swimwear
1970's Swimwear
Perhaps its an oversight on the part of those involved with Puberty Blues. Or is it just another case of the dreaded culture cringe?

Will there be a part two to Puberty Blues? Perhaps they will do justice to the iconic Australian swimsuit in the next series.

If the writers take a look at the photo to the left, they'll have a good idea of the swimwear to include!

Visit to see a new twist on the great aussie cossie.


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