Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer is coming and soon you'll be thinking about some new swimwear. Are you hesitant to wear the iconic Australian cossie? has an interesting article on swimwear. It says, "The iconic swim briefs, better known as budgie smugglers, stil have a place on the beach, but not with an overhanging gut. they're part of our culture."  You can read the full article at
We've seen a lot of media outlets, and advertising companies trashing the iconic Australian swimsuit over the last few years. So it's great to see a more balanced view from We know a lot of blokes want to get into a pair of  budgie smugglers, because they're comfortable, practical and an Australian icon. But with all the media stir over the last few years, its been only the toughest to do so!

At Corka we're true believers in Australian traditions. That's why we've given the iconic Australian swimsuit an overhaul. We're not prepared to sit back and let an icon be trashed. With flatlock seams, the old iconic Australian mens swimsuit now has a truly fresh, and modern look.


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