Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Frank's indecent swimming costume captures a countess!
Did you know Australia has a world wide reputation for its swimwear? - especially the men's brief. After all it is the swimsuit we gave the world. People come to our website from all over the world, specifically looking for Australian swimwear.

The speedo-clad, bronzed Aussie is an enduring iconic symbol of Australia. There's been a lot of attacks in the media of late, but we say 'good on ya' to the blokes of Australia who keep the tradition alive.

When visiting Australia in 1949, the daughter of Lady Kenmare, Pat Cavendish, met Australian swimming champion Frank O'Neill. In her autobiography she says of her first meeting with Frank,  "The first time I saw him properly, he stood at the top of the steps, water dripping from him, Frank had a magnificent figure with a very developed chest and slim hips, and the most indecent bathing suit of very thin material that clung like a second skin."  Several months later she married the bloke!

Nice one Frank!

At Corka, you won't find our swimming briefs indecent, but you will find the modern styling, with flatlock seams to be a great twist on an old Australian tradition.

Corka, the latest evolution in the iconic Australian men's swimwear.


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