Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The culture cringe is a term coined in Australia that describes the attitude of some, who would think our own culture to be inferior to other cultures. While it seems the phenomenon is declining with time, regretfully the notion still lingers on.

In 1826, the Sydney Morning Herald says of some Australians: "They have lost their English spirit and have degenerated into Australians"  Shocking! But you'll still find remnants of this attitude today.

The culture cringe shows up in many forms. Many singers and artists are seen as inferior in Australia unless they get international recognition. We’ve had some great rock bands that have never made it on the international stage. But do we really need permission from the rest of the world to recognise our own?

The iconic Australian ugg boot has been lampooned in Australia for decades, yet when it finds celebrity status in Hollywood, we suddenly realise, hey this could be something to celebrate!

Did you know that in up-market areas of New York, Aussie meat pie shops have sprung up?! But we already knew the meat pie makes a fantastic lunch at the footy. Or did we?

We shouldn’t need international recognition to accept our own culture.

The iconic swimming brief is the swimsuit Australians gave the world. It’s one of our few unique contributions to the world of fashion! Yet it seems to be under enormous attack in our own country. It’s well known Americans have a real problem with the cossie.  But hold on people!! Its our cossie, our culture, worn by generations of Aussies.
Great Australian Cossie

Given all the media attacks on budgie smugglers over the last few years, you wonder how much attitudes have changed since 1826! It's hard to imagine the media in any other country leading an all out assault on a cultural icon.

Ditch the culture cringe, wear your iconic Australian cossie with pride.


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