Saturday, 14 July 2012

aussie cossie
Aussies gave dick togs to the world!
Australia has long been a swimming nation, and naturally we have a long list of Australian slang
words for swimwear.

Over the years we've called them:
swimming costumes
dick togs (dt's)
dick stickers
budgie smugglers
lolly bags
marble bags
dik daks

We've also heard in some parts of the country they're called DP's (dick pointers). This is not to be confused with White Pointers, which refers to the ladies who prefer to go topless at the beach!

Actually, the list seems to be almost endless, with many variations on the list above. Different corners of the country all have their own unique bit of slang for the great Aussie swimming costume. If there's one we've missed, please let us know!

In Australian slang, as we know, an insult is not necessarily an insult. Many abusive terms can be used as terms of affection. Calling someone an old bastard, in the right context, can be a friendly greeting. Confusing for the rest of the world I guess, but it's true blue Aussie speak.

dick stickers
Dick togs, may not sound like a flattering term for the great Australian swimsuit, but again, in Australian slang, she'll be right. Aussies have been wearing these togs for decades, and despite the recent fad to have a bit of a go at the sluggo, many Australians are reluctant to let an Aussie tradition die.

So have a go ya mug, we reckon its about time you got into a pair of Aussie bathers.

Have a look at these Aussie togs from Corka. It's a bold, and innovative design. Corka, the evolution of the great Australian cossie.

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  1. What about dick pokers or penis perforators??